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Chicago 14 Shot Funeral,At least 14 injured in Chicago funeral home shooting|2020-07-24

15 Wounded In Shooting At South Side Chicago Funeral Home ...

“All we saw was bodies just laying everywhere.It wasn’t immediately known if anyone other than attendees of the funeral were victims, nor if anyone in the SUV had been wounded.It’s ridiculous all the shooting that’s going on out here, it really has to stop. Police have not released any further details about the shooting, including the circumstances surrounding the shooting, any details about injuries, WLS reported.In 2013, 13 people were shot in Cornell Square Park @ 51/Wood.Funeral attendees fired back and the vehicle drove away as its occupants continued firing.She didnt know whose blood it was.Donnie Weathersby, 31, was shot and killed on ;s Englewood neighborhood.Two men, ages 32 and 22, respectively, were shot in the hand, the newspaper reported.Conditions are unknown at this time.

At Least 14 Injured In Chicago Funeral Home Shooting

HAZEL CREST, Ill.On Monday, more than 20 people were shot and last weekend 63 people were shot and 12 were killed.Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot tweeted about the effect of gun violence on the city, which has seen a 47 percent increase in shooting incidents over this time last year as of July 19, according to police statistics.Carter said several targets of the shooting returned fire.It’s ridiculous all the shooting that’s going on out here, it really has to stop.More than 2,000 people have been shot in Chicago already this year, FOX 32 reported.Chicago Police First Deputy Superintendent Eric Carter said a black vehicle approached a funeral home in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood where a memorial service was taking place when people in the vehicle began firing.Right now, it's unknown if anyone was not a part of the funeral or a part of the vehicle, he said.

15 People Wounded In Mass Shooting Outside Funeral In ...

However, Mayor Lori Lightfoot said she would "under no circumstances" allow to happen.Arnita Geder and Kenneth Hughes said they heard gunshots while in their home watching television, adding that they came outside to find bodies that were shot up and “laying everywhere.Chicago police speak about a mass shooting outside an Auburn Gresham funeral home Tuesday night that left 15 people wounded."Shot up everywhere, all over. Original report: The number of victims was not immediately known because the victims drove to hospitals or fled, WBBM reported.The incident follows a violent weekend in the city, when at least 70 people were shot on Saturday and Sunday, and another 25 were shot on Monday.Lightfoot earlier Tuesday threatened to sue Trump in a letter if he did deploy troops.

Chicago Violence: At Least 15 People Shot At Funeral On ...

There were 10 female victims and five male victims, according to an update from Chicago police early Wednesday morning.If we are silent, the violence will continue.–CBS.One person of interest was being interviewed by law enforcement, but there are multiple suspects, according to the police.Sources have described a planned ambush outside where a memorial service for a murder victim was taking place, reports CBS Chicago.Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot condemned the violence by cowardly gunmen.We can't let this happen to the cities, Trump told reporters Monday.It became the worst mass shooting Chicago has seen since 2013. Other victims include a 40-year-old man shot in the chest, arm and forearm.The hysteria ginned up by the left over a few federal law enforcement agents being dispatched to Portland has made it impossible for mayors of big cities to call on the federal government for help.

14 People Shot On Chicago's South Side After Funeral ...

Neither man has been identified and no arrests have been made.Tuesday’s shootings are only the latest as violence continues to grip the city.Police have found 60 shell cases at the scene so far, he said.He also said there were ‘dozens and dozens of shell casings, neighbor said sounded like multiple weapons and didn’t see return fire.She was fighting for her life Tuesday night, her relatives said.EDT July 22: Chicago police said early Wednesday that 15 people were hurt in the shooting in the city’s Auburn Gresham neighborhood, WBBM-TV is reporting."We do not welcome dictatorship," the mayor added in a newspaper interview.“We saw lots of victims on the ground, three women on the ground and a gentleman,” Geder said, and noted they were badly injured.

Hours After Chicago Mass Shooting, 2 Killed In Separate ...

 "Shot up everywhere, all over.At a news conference, Brown implored witnesses to come forward with information about the attack, which police believed was carried out in retaliation for another shooting.Photos show the area has been cordoned off by police.Gunshots have been fired at funeral mourners on Chicago’s South Side, leaving 14 people injured, say police.They were shot up everywhere,” Arnita Geder told the Sun-Times.It’s ridiculous all the shooting that’s going on out here, it really has to stop.On Friday, Chicago saw more unrest as police and rioters clashed near the city's Christopher Columbus statue in Grant Park.No juveniles were shot, police said.And she has now gone on record saying she would never, ever ask for federal help to stem the violence. At least 14 people were injured in a mass shooting that erupted at a Chicago funeral, authorities said.

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